Dr. Rasha OWDA

Dr. Rasha OWDA

Dr. Rasha OWDA is an Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Biruni University. She was graduated from the faculty of dentistry at Arab American University-Palestine (AAUP) and got her D.D.S degree in 2008. Between 2013 and 2018 she had joined the doctorate program of Restorative Dentistry in İstanbul University as a scholarship student and got her Ph.D degree. Dr. OWDA has a good research background in adhesive dentistry and minimal invasive dentistry. She Works on many collaborative research projects with international researchers focusing in new strategies for treating the carious and developmental lesions in more specific and customized approach.

Resin infiltration technique; When and how to apply

Resin infiltration technique is an alternative therapeutic approach to prevent further progression of enamel carious lesions. This treatment aims to occlude the microporosities within the lesion body by infiltration with low-viscosity light-curing resins that have been optimized for rapid penetration into the porous enamel and create a diffusion barrier inside the lesion.  Resin infiltration technique was indicated mainly for the treatment of incipient caries. However, many clinicians used this technique for masking the developmental defects, specially for fluorosis and enamel hypoplasia lesions.

This lecture will evaluate our 10 years experience of the clinical use of the resin infiltration. It will evaluate again the resin infiltration indications and application techniques. In addition to the evaluation of its effieciency, aesthetic outcome and stability.  The limitations of the resin infiltration also will be discussed in this lecture aiming to create a better understanding of this technique within the minimal invasive dentistry approach.



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