Dr. Zeynep Seda PEKÇETİN

Dr. Zeynep Seda PEKÇETİN

Dr. Zeynep Seda PEKÇETİN, her doctorate completed in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery departments in İstanbul University Health Sciences Institute after graduate İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. Then, she has started to work in Biruni University Dentistry School as assistant professor. Moreover, she is maintaining both clinic and academic studies this field. Her field of interests are oral and maxillofacial surgeries, dental implants, bone augmentations, sinus lift techniques. She has publications in national or international indexes and participations to national or international congresses and symposiums.

Complications of maxillary sinus augmentation

Maxillary sinus augmentation technique is the most commonly used technique in the rehabilitation of the posterior maxillary region. Although maxillary sinus augmentation technique is accepted as an effective and predictable treatment protocol, it is a surgical method that is open to complications. Complications may occur during or after the surgical procedure or may occur in conjunction with each other.

The purpose of this presentation; The aim of this study is to evaluate the complications that may occur during and after sinus augmentation procedure and the precautions that can be taken before and after the operation to prevent these complications.



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