Ass. Dr. Güzide Pelin SEZGİN

Ass. Dr. Güzide Pelin SEZGİN

Dr. Güzide Pelin Sezgin, her doctorate completed in endodontics departments in Marmara University Health Sciences Institute after graduate İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. Then, she has started to work in Biruni University Dentistry School as assistant professor. She has currently performed to assignment head of Endodontics Department. Moreover, she is maintaining both clinic and academic studies this field. Her field of interests are irrigation systems and root canal filling techniques. She has publications in national or international indexes and participations to national or international congresses and symposiums.

Problems and problem solving in endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment is a complex procedure with many steps. Each step as access cavity preparation, working lenght determination, isolation, irrigation and sahping of root canals followed by obturation has many complication potential on their own. That’s why it has great importance of the clinician to have full knowledge on the procedures theoretically and practically. Eventhough complications can be solved at certain cases they might mean extra time, money and weak prognosis to clinician and patient. The imoprtant point is to know what to do and not to do to prevent complications. In conclusion the aim of this presentation is to give information about the procedures and methods in endodontic treatment steps leading clinician to success.



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